Barry M / Aquatic

I was'nt planning on doing this post, but loved this new Barry M range so much,I had to share it with you. I really wish I could afford, to buy the whole range, but I cant. Luckily though,there was a 2 for £6 offer,so picked my two favourites..Bargain!

BARRY M/ AQUATIC; in colours 'Treasure Chest' and 'Pacific'
The names of these polishes as so cute,especially 'treasure chest' the theme is so fun and summery,and has got me thinking of lots of new ideas,for some nail art; sea,mermaids, beaches. If you've tried out this brand new range,let me know which colours you have and recommend. I'd also love to know of any polishes out there you love, brands etc as I always love trying out new nail products.
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  1. Both these polishes are very pretty, they deffo remind me of the sea x

  2. I've had to do this post on my phone :/ My laptop has had it/blogger wont work on it,as I have spent hours trying to upload these photos,they'd stretch go over my whole blog?!
    I'd love to know if 'Blogger' works on Ipads? to write a post,upload images and post? Do any bloggers out there use ipads to blog? Probably sounds like a silly question. I honestly would love to know,would really help,as I fanscy getting an ipad rather than a laptop x cant afford a mac :) notebook thing x

  3. these 2 colors looks so pretty together :) love

  4. I did see these on asos, and Im planning to get them, because they are so beautiful, actually these are two of my favoutrites from the range!! And I will try " gradual" style, love how it looks!:)


  5. love them, that actually reminded me that I bought two BM nail polishes when I was at London, gotta look for them asap!

    Love :3

  6. hey, Kayleigh! thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love reading those :) and your new nail polishes indeed are fabulous. I have something similar to the blue one and also a golden one but mine isn't as cool as yours ;) those big chunks of gold are definitely fierce! and I wonder if my manicurist has something like that since on Friday I will see her after two very long months. by the way, I just checked your Instagram and I can't believe how amazing your newest manicure is! it's a true piece of art, honestly.
    take care and enjoy the rest of this week, dear! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Oh my ! o______O They're perfect, I'm in love. I've been very into all things Mermaid'y lately (bought jeans with that shiny colour-shifting tone even :D must show them someday ..) so these nailpolish tones are SO dreamy to me.. Oh my. Must do a little search for these Barry M's some time soon. Although I have many bottles of polish, bought or gifted, that I still haven't tried hehe :P

    Indie by heart

  8. that blue is so like the sea and the golden seems like the sun!!! great polishes, they feel so summery :-)

    Cat x


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