I mentioned in my last post, about a competition I was taking part in.
The competition was running between 10 Universities, to win a Job Designing for Abercrombie&Fitch in Ohio. It was a fantastic opportunity that I could'nt let pass by, so I got working on the design brief and created a range of designs and garment technical flats to present in my interview,earlier last week.
I was'nt successful in making it to the next round of interviews, in America, but I have some work,I'm really pleased with, to add to my porfolio, experience of the competition and interview and inspiration for my new project, I've called 'Traveller Girl'.
Some of my Presentation Boards For the Competition.Designs,Fabrics,Styling,Colours and Detail.
Though I'm disappointed and it's hard to focus on the positives, there's no point in dwelling on not getting through, the best thing to do, is to look at this experience and take as many positives from this as possible, as I have learnt and gained alot from this experience.
Let Me Know What You Think? What do you think I could of changed or need to work on?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Thank you for all your lovely comments as always.
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  1. Great drawings! God job! :)

  2. you are creative this? - wow - amazing! I can't describe how is so fabulous!
    yes.. I now sitting in home and I feel cold ;(

  3. I think your designs are beautiful.Thanks for a lovely comment on my blog.Have a nice sunday and think positive!!!:)Hugs.

  4. Hey dear, i am so sorry for not getting on the next phase, however i am happy that you look at the positive side of things and understand that you gained valuable experience.
    i actually love your presentation and as i've told you before i think that you are super talented, as i aspire to become a wardrobe consultant i know that i would work for you in any fashion involved project however (and please don't take this as me judging you) i noticed something about your sketches and since you asked what could u change or work on:
    here's a thing i noticed.
    although the whole presentation with the sketches of clothes and the fabrics and colors is well done and quite impressive, your "models" the "women" wearing your clothes look more like cartoon-esque. What i mean is that something about the way you made them, maybe its their posture or their face features or their bodies (the way you designed them) but they remind me of cartoons, professional yes but not the tall lean figures and the way i imagine sketches of models to look like.
    Now don't get me wrong, i am not studying or working in the fashion industry and i don't know what the requirements of this particular project were nor what's your style of sketching clothes so i am not really the one who should judge but this is just what i am thinking right now and i have to be honest with you.
    maybe if their bodies were a bit more straight, lean, modelesque, and their posture was different, it would look more "haute couture" not that abercrombie is haute couture, just...hmm i can't really explain this thought to you.
    hope you understand what i am talking about and that i don't annoy you through this comment.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make it to the next round. But I really love the fabrics you chose, especially the plaid&lace combo in the first pic is gorgeous.

    Hope you had a great weekend anyway,


  6. wow, girl, your body of work looks incredible to me! the thing is you can't win everything in life but have to keep going even after a bit sad experiences and hold your head high ;) I honestly think you're SO talented!!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. nice project


  8. hi, first congratulations for having participated in the project
    that's why you've probably gained a lot in that class
    I'm sure the experience is a point super high, you only
    have to win!
    and I loved the project and thought you did very well!
    drawings incredible and amazing technique.!
    you go too far! =D

    kisses kisses


  9. I'm sorry that I can't give you better feedback, because I think it's absolutely great! Your designs and fabric choices are both perfect. Did you learn anything through the process of creating this? I guess that's the most important thing. Sorry that you didn't win, but you really do have some talent, so don't feel discouraged <3 Hope you're doing well!

    Love & Cake,

  10. There is no reason feeling disappointed! This is a great work and you tried! Things are not that easy so no reason worrying. next time you will manage better.

    Have fun, Angelina.

  11. wow! wow! WOW!
    fabulous amazing gorgeous sketches!

    thank U so much sweetheart! :* :)
    it's pleasure! :) :* :)

    this special day is my worst ;( uh.. ;(
    I hope so U have so wonderfully Valentines day ;)

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comment,cant leave a reply on your lovely website x

  13. This looks so stunning, I'm impressed! Such a pity you didn't make, you sure do deserve it!

    Xo, Imke

  14. your designs are wonderful. hey, cheer up! there's still plenty of opportunities to come. Your own time to shine will come. After all, bad or good experience is still an experience to cherish and learn from. Always keep your dream alive in your heart!

  15. Thanks for your amazing comment dear! I really appreciate it! (:

    I do hope you had an amazing Valentine as well!

    XO, Imke

  16. you're very talented. each project is a stepping stone to the next...so keep pushing!

    thanks for entering my giveaway. returning the follow :)
    Share the Love - Giveaway


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