Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Muse Project

Peter Jensen 'MUSE' project.

It was quite a few posts a go I mentioned my latest Uni Project 'Muse'. 
I've been so busy trying to complete the project,I had'nt had a chance to blog about it, but with  a long awaited week off Uni!I finally have more time to catch up and blog a little...

Here are just a few photo's I toke of my sketchbook...

My muse for this project is someone who is very inspirational and very special to many people,who knew her.
 So my main design features are lace-from the clothes she wore, russian dolls-from the ornaments she collected,tartan-from her scottish routes,patchwork and quilting-from the beautiful arts and crafts she made.
My end result is a sweet,layerd lace minidress,and lace clutch with russian doll print for the lining.
Hopefully soon I'll be able to do the photoshoot for this project and post up the final outcome.

My theme for the project- Precious, special, elegant,memories...

Let Me Know What You Think?
Thank You For all Your Lovely Comments.
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  1. U're such a talented girl ♥ like it a lot!
    xo darling

  2. Loving it !

    Hope to see the finished products soon :)

    Kisses !


  3. Awww that's awesome. I did similar thing for school before. but urs one is looking harder than mine. U r talented. :) This kind of projects are headache,but real fun... though, Good luck hun


  4. Very Very pretty. did you make the dress by yourself?

    Much Love, xxxxxxxxx

  5. u know what, i've been trying to write this comment about 100 times.. so now i'm just gonna say this phrase straight: damn good work! :D

  6. wow - this is so amazing - U have a talent!
    I really love your sketches! - is so perfect!

    it's pleasure :)
    thank U :* :)

  7. it reminds me of my uni years! the dress looks fantastic! i can't wait to see the photo shoot!!

  8. this is so cool! love your mood board my dear.


  9. Love this !
    I too have to create a muse as a part of my new project !
    Love the little fabric samples :)

  10. wow, these are wonderful! i love all of your designs. great job and keep it up!


  11. wow, i cannot wait to see the final outcome!
    i'm sure it's going to be really good and your muse is really cute :)

  12. interesting muse! i love the different inspirations you took for your project. i think that the lace mixed with russian doll prints, tartan & quilting is adorable/genius! so girlie and unexpected ^_^

  13. wow, awesome dear! bet you will turn into a great designer oneday, all the best for uni :D ive followed you back too <3

  14. Wonderful designs! :) Wanna see more from your creations, best wishes from Germany

  15. great sketches!

  16. Awesome sketches! Can't wait to see the final projects!



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