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Yes once again, I have managed to desert my blog, after revamping and occasionally posting, I have left it all alone.. neglected, sorry little blog.
I've lost count, how many times I have said on here, 'I will blog again' or 'sorry, long time no see, whoopsy'.
Well I'm back again..

This is just an introduction, refresh.. hello post, to say hello again.
When your life is all over the place, its hard to stay on top of every aspect of your life. Even though my little blog is always in the back of my mind.
I want to write more on here, experiences, feelings and thoughts. To share more of my nail art on here, as its a huge passion of mine and my new job, so would love to share tutorials, trends etc.

So here's to blogging again, I will certainly try my best :)


WAH masterclass

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This is a super old post, which has been sat in my drafts for sooo long! Whoopsy...
I was very lucky a few months ago, to be invited to an exclusive WAH masterclass. Learning tips from the best, for finding inspiration, colour combinations and how to paint perfect neat stripes...

Valentine's Underwear as Outerwear

Valentines...Galentines, however your spending this gushy day, its an occasion to take the time to appreciate your loved one or best friends, or simply a day to treat yourself, bit of a pamper sesh and TLC...

BLEACH LONDON : Root touch up

I always said I'd never go full blonde...but from highlights to a little dip dye, my blonde slowly crept up to my roots, then I took the plunge and went full 'Blonde bombshell'. Though I love it, its super high maintenance...
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